How to secretly find out her ring size

How to secretly find out her ring size

If you have decided to buy her an engagement ring or a ring for Christmas, remember that there is that one little detail, which keeps coming up - what is her ring size? To choose something too big may make her think that you see her as a big lady and to choose something too small spoils the moment because you can’t get it on her finger when popping the question. So, how do you do to get the ring size right or at least close? Please remember that this is a very important detail as not every design can be resized to every size. There are limitations for rings with sidestones  - they cannot go too large nor too small meaning that they may only be adjusted by two sizes up or down.

Here you’ll find some ideas on how to find out her ring size:

Hint No. 1: Take one of her rings

This is obviously the best method to find out her ring size and you probably have thought about this already. If you manage to pick one of her rings, you just need to take it to a jeweller who will be able to tell you the ring size. This is usually free of charge. You still need to be careful when stealing one of her rings. Make sure she is wearing the ring on her (left) ring finger as each finger has a different size. Make sure she is wearing the ring at all as lots of ladies probably have some rings from her grandma in her jewellery box, which most probably may be too big. also pay attention to not take a ring with sizing balls. These are little metal balls inside the ring to make it smaller. With these little metal beads the jeweller cannot measure the ring.

If you don’t want or simply can’t take the ring with you, you can also measure the inner diameter or make a sketch of the inner circle. Please be as precise as possible as ring sizes vary within millimeters. Another method which people use is to try her rings on your own fingers and trying to remember on which ring it fits and how it feels. You can then try different sample rings at the jeweller and pick the one, which fits like hers.

Hint No. 2: Tie a knot

By putting a string around her finger and making a knot where it sits perfectly you are then able measure the inner circumference. You can try doing this while she is asleep. Sure, it is not easy. You may also think of a way to make it look like a play on a lazy sunday afternoon if you can come up with a game story.

Hint No. 3: Talk to one of her friends

Do you know one of her best friends? Good! Ask her to play the detective for you and this way she will be less suspicious. They can both go shopping and try on some rings - don’t worry if this sounds weird. Ladies try on rings and shoes all the time without buying them. You can also ask some more friends to make her trying on their rings. Even if you won’t find out the correct rings size you will at least know the closest ring size.

Hint No 4: Flea Market

If there is a flea market near you this is the perfect excuse to find out her ring size. You will often find old cheap jewellery on flea markets and why not buying her a ring from there that fits before getting the real thing? A small ring from the flea market that didn't’ cost much, doesn’t look suspicious at all and at least you have one ring that fits her well on the right finger. If you still find it too suspicious, you may want to come later by yourself and buy the ring then. Either way, make sure that the ring fits her and then have it measured at a local jewellery.

If you were unable to find her size for whatever reason, you may want to play it safe and buy a solitaire ring. At least, these rings can go to any size and you don’t run the risk of buying a ring that can’t be made to her size. Remember that the UK average ring size is N. If you absolutely don't’ know, the best way is to go for a solitaire ring size N.

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