The founder and owner of Wayram is born and grew up in Tamil Nadu, which is one of India’s 28 states. The name Wayram derives directly from his origin, as it is the tamil word for “hard”. Since diamonds are the hardest stone known to man, Tamil simply call a diamond a hard stone - a wayram.

Tamil Nadu has a rich and passionate history of precious stones. In the City of Karur, archeologist have found jewellery set with aquamarines, sapphires and moonstone. it is said that the jewellery pieces are more than 2000 years old.

Being the second largest state economy in India it derives its wealth mostly from the trade with gemstones. Mining has been long a promising business and even today is a gemstone hub for Asia but also for traders from Europe and other continents. Precious stones from Tamil Nadu are worn all over the world.

Having grown up with a history of gemstones, soaking up the passion for diamonds, the founder and owner of Wayram,Sathees Sun, has a devotion for the precious stones and is sharing this emotion by making them available to everyone. Nobody should miss out on these mysterious stones full of power and beauty.